PR Lodge is a recently established music and events PR company based in Italy working with only the best labels, streetwear/fashion brands and alternative artists from all around the World.

What is PR Lodge?
PR Lodge is an independent publicity company specializing in alternative music and streetwear/fashion brand. Our proven track record and hands-on, grass roots, one-on-one approach to working a project from the ground up is what sets us apart from other PR Firms. In addition to “working” the larger national media outlets, we also pay equal attention to the fanzines, regional press and online media outlets.

What type of experience do you have in music publicity?
Prior to going independent in 2010, PR Lodge founders Eros Pasi and Stefano Ghersi worked for various record companies such as Visible Noise Records, Wynona Records, Coroner Records, Pivotal Rockordings and big events like Metalcamp Festival. In the past we’ve worked with such artists as Atreyu, Bury Your Dead, Bring Me The Horizon, Emmure, 1997, A Day To Remember, Aiden, All Out War, Arise And Ruin, The Audition, Between The Buried And Me, Darkest Hour, Comeback Kid, Freya, Silverstein, Snapcase, The Tossers, The Warriors, Abel Is Dying, To Kill, Deez Nuts and music labels such as Victory Records, Still Life Records, Indelirium Records and more.

How do I get added to your mailing list?
We work with all media outlets including national print publications, fanzines, webzines, TV, etc. If you’re a print magazine that would like to be added to our mailing list, please send us a copy of the publication, along with all pertinent contact info. If you’re a webzine, email us with the URL and contact info.

I’m in an unsigned band and we’re looking to hire a publicist…
PR Lodge is open to all kinds of music, but we primarily work bands that are already signed to either an indie or major label. We generally don’t work with unsigned artists. That is, unless we’re totally blown away by your stuff.

I’m with a label or in a signed band and we’re looking to hire a publicist…
Drop us a line via email and/or send a package along with any old press clips, a current cd, etc. to our mailing address. If we dig it we’ll be in touch.